This is us.
We are a team of creative individuals with a great passion for photography. We champion a highly collaborative work ethic, where everyone has an opportunity to gain experience across all different fields, and finally develop expertise in desired role. Thanks to this approach we ensure the highest quality standards.
This is Maciek.
Maciek is the studio founder. With over 13 years experience in professional product photography, he's been looking after the business and its development, delivering the highest quality standards.
These are mannequins.
Our mannequins are an inseparable part of our team. Please meet: Bozena, Bogdan, Leonardo, Frances, Michael, David, Edyta and Atena.
This is our Creative Studio.
Here we arrange the space and build a custom set design for the needs of each individual commercial and advertising photoshoot.
This is our Cyclorama Studio.
On the cyclorama wall we shoot models for e-commerce campaigns as well as extra large objects such as furniture.
This is our Commercial Food Photography studio.
Here we cook, bake, and shoot our yummy legends (in this case, meet Mr Hamburger).
This is our Packshot Studio.
Packshot Studio consists of four individual workstations (with a background removal).
This is our Mannequin Studio.
In this studio we have two individual workstations with mannequins and one extra workstation for detail photography.
This is how we create the “ghost mannequin" effect.