Food Photography

Photos can say gourmets much more than the best description of dishes – great for use in menus, leaflets, cards, drinks or coffers over the bar.


Sessions of this type are carried out not only in my studio in Gdansk, but also in the restaurant at the customer. As the basic criterion for a successful picture is “flavorful” subject, the dish can be prepared by a chef or food stylists with whom I work.

Processing salad, food styling

Restaurants usually opt for the classic picture dishes, given on a plate and placed on a white or a uniform background (eg. The tablecloth). Background is often composed so that alluded to the climate in which the establishment is the place.

The second type of food photography I offer, sessions are conducted for the purpose, eg. Advertising posters – in this case, are selected appropriate additives, and the dishes are subjected styling.

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Sessions are accounted for in the system of shooting days and the price includes a final touch-up, such assistance during the session and access to the customer at the Tri-City. Normally One picture takes from one to five hours.