Packshot Photography

Good packshots should show all the products’ features – their texture, colors, shapes and functions.
But in the larger picture the trick is to show those features that actually sell your products.

Packshots of clothing

The pictures of clothing are usually made on the mannequin, the so-called ghost photo or holowman, the product is shown in three dimensions, as if it were on an invisible man. For these photos we use professional mannequins to match the different shape of the products. The second most popular type of clothing photography is hung on a hanger, with this technique we are able to show, structure of the material. We also take pictures from above where the product lies, this technique is most often used in children’s clothing, where due to the different sizes it is difficult to choose the right manikin.

Photography of large-size products

Our studio is located in the Royal Factory of Guns in the lower city of Gdansk, we have no restrictions as to the size of the photographed products, if you are able to deliver to our studio, we are able to photograph it. We regularly photograph furniture, bicycles, industrial constructions. During the session for Balex Metal, we photographed a roof truss with an area of ​​54m².

Everyday use of product photography

Nowadays, almost every producer or seller needs product images.

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How a packshot session is realized?

Most classic way of showcasing the product is to put it on white background. However, on customer’s request it can be also cut out from the background. We can also add natural shadow or reflection. In case of a multiple product shot, it’s good to show their size in proportion to each other.