Architecture photography

From micro to macroscale – what can I do for you in terms of architecture photography?

Architecture photography offer is not only aimed at real estate tenants or building owners but also at companies, architects or professional magazines. The pictures are taken in natural light conditions – the idea is not to interfere with what has been designed by someone else. Shots taken from the air are available at special request.

Photoshoots of public interiors are performed during their normal operating hours, as well as while they are closed. Thanks to using long exposure times, that give the effect of people’s dynamic moving, spaces photographed look really vibrant and full of life. Meanwhile, this trick makes the persons on the picture unrecognizable, so there is no need to gain any rights to their personal portrayal.

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How valued shoot, architecture?

Prices of these kind of sessions base on the amount of pictures finally delivered to the Client, while retouching and getting to the spot in Tricity is included in the price.

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